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It's old fashioned now, but we do what we say we're going to do. Plain and simple.  On time, on budget. Our word is bond, and that applies to our deadlines, as well.

Integrity is just a word to some, to us its a way of life.

At ASAP, we always deliver what we promise.

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Foundation support and piling contractor in Melbourne

ASAP has earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to outstanding service and superior quality whilst providing efficient and economical foundation solutions. We utilise only high quality construction techniques and building strategies.

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MARCH 17th

New addition to our piling fleet.

MAIT S.p.A. Italy has customised this rig specifically to our needs. The new HR75 CFA features fully automatic pullout during CFA piling leaving a perfect shaped pile behind in the worst ground conditions.

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When you're dealing with so many moving pieces, your tools can be the difference between moving forward and spinning your wheels. At ASAP PILING we're continually investing in the best new technology.

We arrive on site with the latest models in  equipment yet still offer extremely competitive pricing.


Honesty, commitment, PRECISION and quality


ASAP PILING has become synonymous with the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Having  your  work executed perfectly is as simple as giving us a go.

Experience peace of mind with ASAP.


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Any building is as strong as the foundation that underpins it. But its supportive function may diminish or be not supportive enough if the foundation work is done improperly or without the right materials for the type of building being erected. So the first thing to think about when starting a construction project is to hire those who can do the piling installation, repairs or enhancement for you.

ASAP PILING is looking forward to supporting you in an as reliable manner as concrete piles support heavy structures. Driven straight into the ground, cast-in-concrete columns are perfect foundation solutions for the heaviest loads and various soil conditions. They can be used for high-rise buildings, bridges and other residential and commercial construction projects.

ASAP PILING is a leading piling company for Melbourne projects. We have been around since 2001, long enough to accumulate the expertise and sharpen our techniques for drilling, boring and other foundation-related jobs. We excel at digging & pouring, bored pier installation, excavation, contiguous piling and more.

Whether you’re erecting a multi-storey building or adding a basement to your house, call 0499 888 799 today to bring the foundation of your project to the next reliability and durability level.

Piling services to keep structures safe and rock-solid

Piling is a tricky process, but it shouldn’t bother you with ASAP PILING. We specialise in comprehensive services for simple and multi-step construction projects to deliver excellence when:

  • Putting pile foundation designs on paper. Piling installation can only be done after a technical analysis of the construction. This involves doing tons of calculations and factoring in load distribution, differential settlement, soil type, risks and the Building Code of Australia. Luckily, you don’t have to get the hang of technicalities while having our team in your corner.
  • Getting your site ready. From a geotechnical assessment to excavation, ASAP PILING is the best foundation contractor to do it all when preparing a construction site for piling. Using the findings of the site survey and foundation design, we will bring together a sharp eye for detail, compliance and efficiency for your project.
  • Installing piles and keeping them robust. With our own equipment and high-performance machinery, we can push columns into the soil promptly and efficiently. Besides, we can handle any piece of the foundation puzzle, including capping beams. For existing structures, you can hire us for piling repairs and foundation maintenance.

No need to rent piling machinery elsewhere

ASAP PILING has been building its fleet of drilling rigs and piling machinery for over 20 years. These are now available as daily rentals at the best rates in Melbourne, so you don’t need to hire them from other fleet operators or pay more than your foundation project requires.

Our machinery options can meet your needs for any soil type and construction project. They come from the world’s major manufacturers, such as MAIT and Caterpillar.
Call 0499 888 799 for more information about our daily rates and anything related to piling in Melbourne.